I have a confession: I fall for Chairman Email Lists clickbait. As I scroll through social media, I fall into the rabbit hole of silly articles— “Have you ever seen a one-day old baby otter?” No, but I’m about to—which always lead to more articles and videos of late-night comedians, small animals, or delicious food.

Chairman Email Lists

But I have my limits! When I click through an article, I can tell as soon as I land on the page if I am in no-man’s-land. Looking at the image and copy at the top of the page, I can tell if this is what I really want, and I navigate away immediately if it looks shady.

The importance of that hero image with copy or a call to action is so important! Here I have compiled best practices and examples of how to make your hero images pretty and entice your audience.

What Is a Hero Image?
Well, duh. Image of a hero.

Hero Image Example
Maybe not the type of heroes we want. But the heroes we need.

But for real – a hero image is the first, main photo or graphic that you see at the top of a webpage or email. The goal of the hero image is to immediately draw visitors in and show them what your site and your content are all about. It is up to you to choose a high-quality photograph or graphic to represent the theme of your page as a whole.

Hero Images in Web Design

Hero images have become immensely popular in web design recently because they are flashy, pretty and work to keep visitors engaged. Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes, from large headers to full-screen banners to featured content. As websites have progressed from HTML to JavaScript, Flash, and CSS, web design has utilized these tools to make websites more visual. Now, talk is about landing page experiences;this has come way beyond utility and is now diving into flow and style.

With these progressions, websites like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress implemented featured images at the top of pages. Retail websites began to move away from displaying category pages as their home content and toward a flashier gateway to the real content. And thus, the marvel that is a Hero Image was born and thrives.

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