With evolving technology, notably increased VP Audit Email Lists use of smartphones, and social media platforms, online shopping is changing and becoming more social. Roughly three out of four consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchase decisions according to Gartner, July 2010. As a result, it’s a no brainer to sell where your customers are rather than trying to lure them to your site.

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Social commerce is a nascent market that encompasses a broad array of options including group buying, social shopping, mobile apps, retailers adding social features, and shopping integrated into social media. Social commerce has taken off recently and is a growing trend as reported by Google.” (via

She goes on to offer some reasons you

might want to add social commerce to your repertoire. Here are five of those ten reasons, in summary…

Make smarter inventory and product development choices by asking customers to vote on the products they’d like to purchase.
Increase the number of conversations taking place about your products / company.
Increase the market for your products, reach new customers you might not have otherwise.
Improve product discovery and awareness, personalize the customer experience based on known preferences. (Social media sites have a lot of data, right?)
Encourage peer recommendations and reviews.
The benefits are clear, but one major question remains…


In an article about the rise of native social

commerce, HubSpot made some bold statements: “Remember when ecommerce was the go-to tactic for increasing brand awareness, finding new customers, and boosting sales?” and “Newsflash: The golden era has come to an end.”

But is that really true? Is social commerce about to dwarf traditional eCommerce?

The truth is simple: more people are turning to social media for product recommendations and reviews. So, naturally, the concept of native social commerce sprouted up. But are people turning to social commerce in droves yet? Not exactly.

Yes, the industry is growing. Statista released a prognosis for worldwide social commerce revenue from 2011 to 2015…

Worldwide Social Commerce Revenue

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