It’s ready. Your beautifully designed and perfectly coded email is one click away from being sent to thousands of customers.There’s just one problem: everyone is about to get the same message. No, the first name that was inserted in the subject line does not count. It’s spraying and praying in disguise one-on-one.Email marketing deserves to be more sophisticated than that. And it can be. We live in an age of dynamic content, data science, and machine learning. For the benefit of the customer and the business, it is possible to send tailored content based on a person’s buying and browsing activities.But even a highly personalized email program can sometimes stumble.

 Read on for a List of Personalization Dangers and What to Do

The most basic form of personalization – addressing someone by name – is fraught with a surprising number of potential blunders. Email marketing is not a casual message between friends, so it’s important to avoid these embarrassing mistakes.First of all, there is the possibility of getting the Buy Iceland WhatsApp Numbers name wrong. Let’s say Christopher was in a hurry when he signed up for your newsletter, so he entered his first initial rather than his first name. Peter had caps lock active when submitting the form. And Helen accidentally typed her title in the wrong box. No matter who is to blame, it’s not going to look good when you greet them with an enthusiastic “Hello C!”, “Hello PIERRE!” or “Hello Madam!”.

Then There Is Sentence Structure Injecting a First Name Will

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extra punctuation in order to be grammatically correct. A missing comma can completely transform the meaning of a sentence. I once received an email that promised, “This weekend only: Take 25% off Adrian!” “. 25% off me? I’m not even sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to enjoy it.Then there is the first name overload. I sometimes receive emails – especially those that are part of reception programs – which are sprinkled with my first name. It’s in the subject line, title, and a few times in the message body for good measure. Such overuse appears forced and contrived – and it is no substitute for truly personalized content.



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