Will be able to do the same as in the movie mentioned at the beginning: enter them as Clark Kent and appear empowered as Superman.Demystifying creativity in companies Irene Lucena Demystifying creativity in companies Posted on October 7, 2021 Creativity is essential when we talk about business, especially in the current situation. With such a variable market, the usual structures and procedures make it difficult to anticipate, so we must call on people and their ability to energize, adapt, renew or go off script. And this is precisely what creativity is all about. Because being creative is not living in the clouds or sitting around a table to conceive crazy ideas.

Nor is it about breaking with the established

Nor is it about breaking with the established for the sake of it. Creativity is a way of finding original and critical solutions to face situations or T-Shirt Design Service take advantage of them. This definition of the term, however, is not the one we share in the popular imagination. Creativity is generally understood as a gift reserved for some people, such as geniuses, children or the insane. As if this condition was only in the hands of a few. Creative: born or made? There is no discussion. Creative ability has a physiological basis in humans: our brain has one hundred billion neurons, which in turn generate more than 1,000 connections with others. That is, our capacity to connect ideas is infinite. However, in practice we do not always develop our full potential.

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Organizational processes, environments

Organizational processes, environments, and hierarchies rarely foster creativity optimally. Factors such as fear, boredom or stress inhibit and limit us. Creative Executive List myths in work environments If at this point you are wondering how to promote innovation in your company, keep reading to learn about the myths and false beliefs that hinder creative processes in these areas. 1. Inspiration comes by magic The Eureka myth, as identified by David Burkus in his book The Myths of Creativity (2013), consists of the assumption that ideas come from nothing, when in reality they are the culmination of having previously worked on something. Previous experience plays a relevant role in creativity, since everything we learn today can help us to respond to a problem in the future.

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