To do this. Click on the “create” button located on the left of the tool and then select “data source”. At this point. All available tool options to perform data integration will be presented. You can select one as shown. Or you can search for one by typing in the “search” field. After finding the tool you would like. Select it and. On the page that opens. Click on the “authorize” button. Then select the information and data that the tool should collect and click on the “connect” button. Located in the upper right corner. 3. Creating a report now. The long-awaited moment has arrived: creating your report. To do this. Click on the “create report” button located in the upper right corner. If this is the first time. A box will appear with the message “you are about to add data to this report”. If it appears to you.

Click “add to report”. From that moment on. You will be able to create and customize your report. And in the column on the right there will be the options “data” (for you to add them. Sort them. Filter them. Etc.) and “style” (for you change colors. Fonts. Etc.). Also. In the top menu. You have several other items to browse (“file”. “edit”. “view”. Etc.) and options below it. 4. Inserting graphics and control to insert a chart. You must select the option “add a chart” from the menu. At this point. Several options will appear such as table. Overview. Bars. Pizza. Among others. If you want to use one. Just click on it and adjust it in the space available. In addition. If you want to insert a control.

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Just click on “add a control” (it is right next to “add a graphic”). And some options will also appear at that moment for you to choose from. 5. Using Hungary phone number explorer still in beta. That is. In the development stage. There is the option “explorer”. To use it. Access the tool’s homepage. Click on the “create” button and then on “explorer”. Add a data source. Choose a chart from the menu on the right. And from there you can do analysis and experiments and then create reports. Basically. Explorer is a feature that lets you look at data in advance (without modifying your original reports). Using a single graph to help you find insights faster. 6. Sharing the report finally. If you want to invite people. Send the report by email or even download it as a pdf.

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Just click on the “share” button located at the top of the tool and the available options will be shown. Analyze. Organize and use data efficiently one thing is a fact: the use of data is increasingly present in organizations. Whether in digital marketing strategies or in decision making. Therefore. Analyzing them. Organizing them and. Above all. Using them efficiently is essential to make more strategic. Appropriate and assertive decisions. So. Be sure to use google data studio in your business. And since we are talking about this universe of numbers. Metrics and data. We invite you to discover another very useful tool: hotmart analytics ! What is black hat and why you should avoid this strategy some practices that can harm your website’s seo. Get to know black hat. A strategy that can make your page penalized by google.

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02/06/2022 by hotmart reading time 9 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp black hat – illustration of a man wearing a hat and holding a magnifying glass over a background with a search bar and three frames of google search results in this article. We will help you understand what black hat is. What are the consequences of using strategies of this type and what are the best practices that google requires to rank websites fairly. Everyone who produces content for the web wants to reach new users and get more and more relevance. To have more reach. Several techniques can be used together. However. It is very important to be aware of the rules created by search engines. Such as google. Which regulate the ways in which websites can achieve their goal. The set of techniques considered “cheating” by google earned the name of “black hat”.

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