Introduction With the increase in remote work, professions to digital environments were. The way of working and, within the most sectors for this modality, is Digital Marketing , where several roles began to specialize, which are expected to be the most demanded by 2021. General Digital Marketing Profiles The following profiles stand out both in marketing campaigns and in different online advertising strategies. Marketing Manager One of the roles with the most responsibility is that of Marketing Manager.

In addition to coordinating the work team, he is in permanent communication with the SEO and SEM areas. He is in charge of creating marketing campaigns tailored to the target audience and must remain constantly updated to detect new market trends. Some of its functions are: Team management Track KPIs and Analytics. Study and research the market. Develop strategies to improve ROI. Create Social Media Strategies Implement Content Macedonia phone number and SEO positioning actions . Define strategies aimed at the end customer, based on the study of the life cycle of consumers. Chief Digital Officer The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or digital chief has the function of being a digital director of the company.

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Although the general guidelines are set by the CEO of the company, the CDO is in charge of the transformation of the processes towards digital environments looking for new opportunities. His role is often with that of the Marketing Manager; however, the CDO does not carry out marketing or social media strategies . In any case, it is important that you have knowledge in these areas and also in web analytics, e-commerce, digital writing and business management. Some of their usual tasks are: Leadership in the digitization process of the entire company. Design and direction of the digital strategy. Ability to adapt to long-term changes.

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Evaluation and decision making based on the data and analytics collected. ROI measurement to replace manual processes. I work in collaboration with other areas of the company to distinguish priorities during digitization. AI Specialist If we talk about digital innovation, Artificial Intelligence is the one chosen by companies in their long-term vision. With the advantage of adapting to multiple sectors, it is still a complex tool that requires professionals who can successfully implement it. When it comes to digital marketing, it is necessary for an AI specialist to design the models for collecting user data.

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Then, with that information, you can understand the behavior of potential customers according to their tastes and preferences, and build more effective campaigns aimed at them. Another use of AI in digital marketing is to Machine Learning for omnichannel campaigns. Within the functions of the AI ​​specialist, there are tasks such as. Development of intelligent solutions (Machine Learning and Deep Learning). Design of automated learning solutions. Development of intelligent prototypes, such as Chatbots. Identification of new trends and their possible uses in the company. Collaboration with other areas, such as engineering, sales team and business plan. With the increase in remote work, professions to digital environments were.

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