As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, people everywhere are learning to cope with a new way of living. While brick-and-mortar retailers were already losing favor among shoppers, stay-home orders have all but crippled the market.

The companies that are best positioned to survive in this environment are those that had already begun to pivot to a digital marketplace. But having a functional website and ecommerce presence is only half the battle. Just as important is the ability to get customers to those product pages.

The Growing Role of Digital Marketing

As more businesses enter the online marketplace, the competition for traffic becomes even greater. Against Tongliao Phone Number powerhouses like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, smaller brands face a challenge in being found by online shoppers.

For this reason, digital marketing is critical in building brand recognition and increasing traffic to business websites. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy starts with creating a search-optimized website and includes an active social media presence.

While many small companies focus on organic marketing efforts like social media and traditional outreach, paid media is becoming more important in the fight for customer attention online.

This includes social media ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and falls under the term search engine marketing (SEM).

Why Now is the Time to Experiment 

While it may seem counterintuitive to boost spending during a global crisis, now is the perfect time to experiment. With many companies cutting budgets and reducing online ad spends, CPM rates (the cost paid per 1,000 ad views) for

By taking advantage of reduced competition and prices, you can test new digital marketing avenues such as paid ads.

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Understanding the Basics of Digital Marketing

Before you start creating content for organic search and setting up Google Ads and other paid media, it’s important to come up with an overall campaign strategy. are metrics used to define the success of a campaign. KPIs can include anything from page views to click-through-rates (CTR), new subscribers, and more. It’s important to establish which metrics matter most to a campaign before you start planning since they’ll help in developing the strategy Having a stellar product or service is critical, but without brand recognition, you can easily lose sales to more established competitors.

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