1. Send Out Emails

Current customers or prospects could be interested Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists in seeing your new content, but never revisit your website to actually discover it. Therefore, your best bet is to promote it via email. It can be as simple as sending out one email or as complex as adding the new content offer to a marketing automation workflow.

When sending emails, be educational and try to help a segmented list of your contacts. If you know that 20 contacts have inquired about your kitchen remodeling services and you’ve created a new eBook on “”, then those 20 contacts would probably benefit from an email about that eBook. You don’t want to email a specific eBook to your entire contact database because it probably doesn’t relate to your entire contact database. When you don’t segment emails, your engagement will be lower and your success will be diminished.

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

  1. Social Media

Promoting content over social media is a no-brainer, but promoting content correctly on social media does take careful consideration. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a B2B and your ideal customers live on LinkedIn, that’s where you should be promoting. If you’re a B2C and your ideal customers love Pinterest, that’s where you should be promoting.

Come up with different ways to catch a reader’s attention through rewording the title, using statistics from the post, creating catchy graphics and playing to your social network’s strengths:

  • Facebook – Biggest, has the most users, anything goes from pictures to longer messages
  • Twitter – Popular for bite-sized messaging, use hashtags for discoverability
  • LinkedIn – Professional networking, informative based messaging
  • Pinterest – Visuals are key, use informative infographics and stunning photos

Then once visitors interact with your posts, interact back with them! Keep the discussion going! Your social media posts will be more successful as more individuals see them, like them and share them. By interacting with people on social media, your brand and content can stand out.

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