Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number ListGreat to see you again! This week was all about art.

Some people think of “art” as self-indulgent Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List or impractical. Thus, but that’s a dangerous myth. We’re talking about the roll-up-your-sleeves work that adds more artistry to your content — which is what we all need to attract our audiences’ attention in 2018.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman introduced the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List power of claiming a creative identity for yourself:

I am an artist.

Making that decision to approach your career (and your life) as an artist will open up all kinds of doors for you, both personally and professionally.

On Tuesday, our Marketing Technologist Will DeWitt highlighted the key balance between technique and artistry that is useful for all of us to find. It would be silly to shun “tricks of the trade” because they somehow don’t seem artistic enough. And it would be just as silly to avoid creative or unusual content because it doesn’t line up with a rigid strategy.

Here are the non-technical best practices: Keep forms short . However, simple – Get customer contact info . Thus, then build a relationship to engage them . However, draw out more additional knowledge Provide clear instructions . Thus, visible labels – No one likes a confusing form Validate Inputs (undo changes/confirm) – Notify the users of any problems .

I revealed the “ninja trait” that professional artists

Including writers cultivate so they can become successful. Spoiler alert: That trait is reliability — being able to hit your deadlines, produce a substantial volume of work, and publish at a consistently professional level.

Color contrast is an essential element of accessible design. Individuals with low vision may find it hard to differentiate between colors that are too similar, . However, for colorblind users, many colors are indistinguishable. You could try out TGPi’s free Color Contrast Analyser tool will take the guesswork out of determining sufficient color ratios.

Use the color picker to choose your foreground . However, background colors, . However, the CCA will tell you if the contrast is appropriate. Accessible forms Virtually every site uses a form to enable users to complete a task. Whether your business is e-commerce, service-based, or even just an online showcase, it will most likely include a form.

However, forms can be tricky for people with disabilities. There are several technical considerations (read: ones for developers to implement) as well as non-technical, which marketers with no coding knowledge can easily follow.

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