Cameroon WhatsApp Number ListAbout four years ago, I wrote about the idea of “Content Shock” — and maybe I was a tiny bit snarky about it.

“Content Shock” is Mark Schaefer’s Cameroon WhatsApp Number List term for the point. When there’s so much content published every day that we’re all drowning in it — and content stops working.

I stand by my original Cameroon WhatsApp Number List response. Thus, which is that we’re (still) not suffering from a glut of good content.

Audiences have excellent crap detectors. They tune out the junky stuff, and keep responding to the good stuff.

But I underestimated the difficulty of implementing the advice to “create more good stuff.”

No one is born with the knowledge of how to create compelling content, any more than we’re born with the knowledge of how to play the piano or cook an omelet.

We have to learn.

Watching the pile of junky content get higher and higher inspired the Creative Content Foundations course — to get people writing and recording the kind of content that’s actually worth our audiences’ time and attention.

Today, I asked my fellow instructors in that course to weigh in on a question:

What’s the best way to create content that stands out, given the huge volume of not-so-great stuff we have to compete with?

Here’s what they had to say:

Stefanie Flaxman, editor-in-chief

Stefanie joins me inside the course to teach you how to polish content to a professional standard, and take your content from good to great.

Every time you create content, you need to ask yourself:

“Is this tailored to a specific person I want to connect with, from my point of view?”

The two key parts of that question are:

  • A specific person I want to connect with
  • My point of view

Your editing skills will also make it thoughtful, so that you don’t waste your audience’s time. People appreciate that; they return to — and engage with — sites that get to the point.

Chris Garrett, chief digital officer

Chris joins us to talk about creative productivity and processes, so we can hit our deadlines and create excellent content more reliably.

My answer is to write the article that your most-desired audience actually wants to read.

That sounds almost flippant, so I want to break it down a bit.

First, who do you most want to appeal to?

If you want to stand out, don’t try to reach everyone. Work out the target audience you can most credibly help and most easily reach, and drill into their problems and goals so you understand them almost better than they understand themselves.

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