If you’re not sure what marketing role your company needs right now, you’ve come to the right place: content manager or community manager? What role do you need in your company? Find the answer in this note. ContentManager vs. Community Manager Although the boundary between the two roles may seem blurred, a content manager and a community manager carry out very different tasks. However, on many occasions we can find professionals who work in both positions, mainly in small companies or startups.

Large companies generally have extensive marketing teams ; therefore, they have the possibility of hiring a person for each specific role and making their work much more punctual and efficient. Find out below what the functions of the community Albania phone number and the content manager are, and discover in detail what each one contributes and where to find the talent you are looking for. The Functions of the Content Manager A content manager is the one in charge of executing the entire content strategy of a company or a brand.

The Functions Albania Phone Number Of The

Although he sometimes creates the content, he is mainly dedicated to establishing lines and topics of writing. In addition, he fulfills the function of coordinating the team of writers, editors and proofreaders to achieve the desired results. There are many functions of a content manager. These are the main ones: Design content strategies. A content manager is the one who develops the brand’s content strategy based on previously defined objectives.

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These goals will then be measured through indicators or kpis with which. The performance of the general plan can be evaluated. Content managers work based on the. Company’s buyer personas , identifying their needs. Desires and preferences to use the information and plan content that is relevant to them. A content manager must have in-depth knowledge of the buyer’s. Journey and outline specific content for each stage of the cycle.

Contentmanager Vs. Community Albania Phone Number Manager

They prepare the brand style guides. The content managers are the ones who define the style and structures of the materials so that they are consistent with the branding of the brand. They create the planning and the publication calendar. When the content manager has defined the contents, he must establish a plan with the titles, the structures, the sources and the delivery dates. They select collaborators for content creation.


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