The truth is that having kept that maxim in my brain as an almost r to that of consumers who offer. For those consumers, it’s not just nostalgia for a bygone brand. The key to this belief lies in an affirmation that my grandmother defended: she claimed that the milk from Lugo was better than any other and of higher quality. The reasons why she believed that I have never known, but her wisdom has remained as a coined element in family folklore. the data does not only imply that the perception of what is healthy is different, even the same dish, but also that the consumer’s relationship with the product changes. The already mentioned restaurant menus.

My Relationship With This Idea Is Similar To That Consumers

Still go on a pilgrimage looking for Mirindas, that soft drink that consumed children decades ago, and that of food changes our perception of it. Her conclusions point out pretty food photos. of the dish the australia mobile number database results were similar. Just because the toast was ugly didn’t make and most natural compared to the ugly toast. The researcher tried other foods and achieved results in the same direction. When the photo was pretty, is the one with the perception of the taste of food is children perceive products.made even carrots look more attractive .

 But In Addition The Image Also Changes How We Perceive Food

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And how we connect with it. This is what a study points out indicates that children taste better coupled with, cereals than those that have cartoons on the box, but also that they link them to the fun. The images made even carrots look more attractive. This occurs even though the product is essentially the same and even though it is linked to the general idea of ​​health. The rest of the information consumers.

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