The central point of contact, such as a brand owner. Someone who can operate across departments and has a mandate on the board. This brand manager creates resources in which the brand values ​​are anchored and offers them as building blocks to the rest of the organization. This ensures that departments work together on the brand.

Responsibilities must

Eassigned at a strategic, tactical and operational level. The brand manager does not act as a corporate identity police, but works as a facilitator and brand organizer on a future-proof brand and ensures that the importance of brand management remains top of mind in the board. The ultimate responsibility for setting brand goals, formulating a brand strategy, and making a long-term budget available rests with the board. It is therefore.

Important that the brand


manager speaks the language of the board. ROI from brand management The return on investment (ROI) of brand management is difficult to measure. As a result, branding is often only seen as a cost item and has no priority within the board. In addition, there is the problem that brand managers – if there are any – are not able to sell the added value of the investment well to board members who think in financial terms. If they speak the language of the board and

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