On the contrary! We even find the way of working in a newsroom necessary for municipalities to be able to enter into discussions with residents and to collaborate. So Kenya WhatsApp Number List it’s really about a different way of working here, not about having a room with a ‘newsroom’ sign on the door. Realize a higher goal The newsroom should never be an end in itself.

It is an indispensable means

Of realizing a higher goal – namely dialogue and cooperation with residents, entrepreneurs and social institutions. That requires good preparation. It is not without reason that the preparations for the newsroom in the municipality of Dordrecht took about a year. Link Isn’t that physical space with that sign on the door important? Certainly! It promotes cooperation between the various.

Disciplines involved in communication

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and services. Employees of these two departments sometimes don’t even know each other. Let alone that they know each other what they are doing. The Communication department (occasionally) monitors what the online conversation is about. Questions from residents are increasingly answered by the customer contact center (KCC) via telephone.

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