It is a cliché to come across clients who ask for their brand to be blue. Green or orange because it is their favorite color, but it is true that many times personal. Taste for a color or chromatic range can skew the opinion on the creative proposal. That is why I have believed for a long time. And this is how I try to explain it to our clients. That there are four criteria on which a color, or color range. Can be chosen for a brand. And explain in this way why we have opted for one color and not another. Avoiding as much as possible the fearsome. I like it, I don’t like it”. 1 – For Historical or Political reasons Either by a link with the foundational color or with the colors of the flag of the country or region of origin. Something common in airlines or sports clubs for example.

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For Tactical reasons Having the need or opportunity to “occupy” a color that no one else occupies within the sector. Great examples of this are banks and telecommunications Jewelry Retouching Service companies. 3 – For Strategic reasons One of the most interesting since it can help to represent and transmit the positioning of the brand, its tone, its brand territories… and even create a new color for the category like Tiffany, demonstrate its simplicity and ease of Google or break with the codes established in the case of Avlo. 4 – For technical reasons Where prevails what type of support will be the main one for the brand: screen, paper, machinery, clothing…? The Sorigué case forced us to use a pure cyan given the large number of different supports where we had to apply the brand and thus ensure its correct display. Ebay, on the other hand, makes a clear commitment to more RGB colors since.

Jewelry Retouching Service

It is its natural ecosystem and Zara

It is its natural ecosystem and Zara, as an example of fashion brands, which uses black and white to facilitate its application, whether it is printed, sewn, large, or small. In turn, leave Executive List space for color in your garments.Conscious Branding: Will Brands Change the World? Nuria Vila Conscious Branding: Will Brands Change the World? Posted on December 16, 2021 In previous posts we analyzed how the consumer has changed over the years and how brands could deal with this transformation. However, are we sure that brands change because the consumer changes? Or rather it is about the fact that the consumer changes because the brands change… This is what conscious branding is like. From what has worked to brands… There is no doubt that society changes constantly and by itself. An evolution to which brands have been adapting to remain attractive and relevant to a wider audience, the better.

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