Assign tasks. Making the daily tam-tam. Indicate and follow. Set up a collaboration within the newsroom. Coordination with professional Latvia WhatsApp Number List departments. Elaborate on customer journeys. Check content against your content strategy. Create distinctive (video) content for social media. Good or not Our point is clear: if you want .

To Make The newsroom a success

it takes time and money. Sufficient staff capacity is required, as is a budget for the design and further development of the newsroom. Our advice: do it right, or don’t. Scale of your organization But what is ‘good’? Of course, we realize that this is easier to achieve for a large municipality than for a small or medium-sized municipality.

That is also the reason

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that we have chosen to name a basic principle. This basic principle should be embraced by every congregation, from small to large. The implementation of this in practice can be adapted to available capacity and budget. For example, if a daily tom-tam is not feasible, you can see whether a tom-tam on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is appropriate for your organization. This is our vision of the newsroom. We hope to have cleared up some.

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