Taiwan is committed to promoting. Breakdance and has nurtured many outstanding players to enter the international stage. Now the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially announced. Giving Taiwanese breakdance players the opportunity to participate in international sports. The highest hall is emerging.

Through the dialogue between Chen Baijun, the founder of the

Dance studio, and Sun Zhen, a new Slovenia Phone Number generation of hip-hop artist, readers will be introduced to the development status and prospects of breakdancing in Taipei, and they will also share the contact channels in Taipei. Chen Baijun, founder of HRC. World Street Dance Photo Credi. Provided by Taipei Pictorial, photographed by Edison Chen Chen Baijun, the founder of HRC

Dance Studio and Dance Company, won the champion of the 2016

Slovenia Phone Number

BIS World Street Dance Competition” and is now one of the consultants of the World Dance Federation. Who has been the king in the domestic breakdance national player selection points competition. Receive training and participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Find your life direction through dance Chen Baijun, the founder of the well-known dance studio “HRC” in Taipei. And Sun Zhen, the Taiwanese champion of the world-class breakdance competition Red Bull BC One Cypher Taiwan, initially just continued to

practice dancing because they were reluctant to give up their childhood interests. And never thought that they belonged to the street. Cultural breakdancing will also be valued by top international competitions – the Olympic Games. Giving top dancers the opportunity to express themselves on a larger world stage.

Popular songs and dance performances broadcast on TV were the beginning of their interest in breakdancing. Chen Baijun still remembers seeing the breakdance performance of the idol group. The rebellious and free-spirited atmosphere attracted me deeply.”

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