Surely you have heard about the increasingly widespread use of Artificial Intelligence and robots in different industries. Even more likely, your marketing strategy includes some automated processes through these softwares. You already know: robots do not come to take away our work, but to make our tasks easier, also in the world of marketing. By adding this type of tools, procedures that are long and cumbersome are carried out quickly and efficiently. Have you ever thought of incorporating a Chatbot in your Digital Marketing planning ? If you already have some of your business tasks automated, a Chatbot can be a good way to go to the next level.

Here we bring you some of the reasons why this is a great idea. Chatbots: What are they? A Chatbot is a program whose automated task is to have 1-on-1 conversations with people: it is designed to respond to received messages. They can be prepared Country email list always answer the same thing, for example, a welcome message. They are also capable of giving different answers depending on the Keywords they contain and it is even possible to add machine learning to them so that they learn with each interaction and adapt to each particular situation.

Chatbots: What Country Email List Are They?

Chatbots can be easily programmed to answer simple yes or no questions, but can also incorporate artificial intelligence and speech processors. Siri, from Apple, and Google Assistant are clear examples of some types of Chatbots. We also find them in the automatic messages that can be programmed in WhatsApp Business, in Facebook Messenger and even in some websites, where they are always ready to answer frequently asked questions. This tells us that there are many types of Chatbots, with a variety of potential responses. Current technology allows from simple texts, like “yes”, to audios, videos, GIFs, etc. Why Include Chatbots in your Digital Marketing Strategy? Any interaction with your customers is always welcome: having part of the process is a great way to grow it.


Chatbots have great value when it comes to helping you boost your Digital Marketing strategy and growing your business. Here we bring you some of the reasons why you should include them. “A Chatbot is a program whose task is to have 1-on-1 conversations with people: it is to respond to messages.” Engagement: The audience prefers them Chatbots, first of all, serve to communicate with your audience. They are useful to have a first and quick response to specific questions about products or services. If a user comes to your site and doesn’t find what they want, they probably won’t come back.

Why Include Chatbots Country Email List In Your

That is why attention to the public is paramount; however, we know that it is difficult to have a team dedicated exclusively to this task. A Chatbot will help you cover it. Also, believe it or not, customers prefer to send and receive messages when contacting a brand. An econsultancy study shows us that not only do more than 80% of users need help to complete. The purchase process, but also more than 50% prefer to use chat for inquiries. Statistics chatbots chatbots. Will help you create an environment in which the user feels comfortable to ask questions and accompanied. In the purchase process. For this, it is key that you configure your chatbot in. The most human way possible: write responses that represent your brand with your own voice.

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