In touch with your top ten You have done your preparation. You know which journalists publish about what and what they find interesting and you have properly Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List organized your own information provision. And then something happens that you know is valuable to one or more journalists in your top ten.

In other words

Check with sensitivities with those who have something to say about it whether you can talk about it and what you can and cannot say. Briefly describe what your news is in a document. Contact the journalist that you think will make him/she, you, and your organization or mission most happy. When you call, the journalist will ask to put something in the mail and you.

Can send it right away

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Should it remain a secret for a while? Note that it is ‘under embargo’. Wait for the journalist’s ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and don’t start approaching other journalists on your list. Really interesting news is valuable, but in some cases loses its value if it’s everywhere. Journalists are used to tight deadlines, so you quickly get a yes or no. Does the reporter say no? Then it may be that you have overestimated the value of your news or that you have offered your news to the wrong journalist.

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