Digital marketers put in a lot of work to drive valuable business leads, but once the call happens it’s out of their hands. Luckily, call analytics allow marketers to track everything that happens after the call is placed. Advanced call routing technology paired with a hosted IVR allow marketers to optimize the caller experience and provide the data necessary to monitor how inbound phone leads are received.

5. Call Duration

The amount of time customers spend on the IT Directors Managers Email Lists phone with your business is a strong indicator of call quality. Marketers should optimize their campaigns to minimize the number of callers that immediately hang up. Call duration reporting also shines a light on the amount of time your sales and support teams spend talking to customers.

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6. Caller Frequency
Tracking each call a customer places to your business offers valuable data for marketers. It can shed light on how often customers call your different locations, which mobile ad campaigns result in follow-up calls to your business, or how keywords searches evolve throughout the customer journey.

7. Caller Web Page Location

Call attribution data gives you exactly what you need to optimize your website user experience to drive more calls. With session-level call data you can track specific callers across every web page they visited on your site, from the moment they arrive all the way through to the moment they place a call. Marketers can use this data to shorten the path to conversion and get more customers calling your business.

8. Location-Based Tracking
Google Call Extensions | DialogTechMobile marketing has completely changed the location-based marketing game. Consumers are constantly on the move and glued to their smartphones, making location-specific marketing campaigns extraordinarily effective. With call attribution data you can detect a caller’s exact location using geo-location and then route them to the office, store, or location nearest them.

9. Keywords During the Call
To better optimize your mobile marketing for

call conversions and boost ROI, you need to understand what happens on the customer calls generated by your campaigns. Conversation Insight data enables marketers to search through calls for keywords that customers say on a call. You can then develop a deeper understanding of caller intent and craft your messaging using your customers’ language.

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