it is time for the next step: how do you create a successful influencer strategy? How do you find influencers, how do you approach them and how do you use them? These are questions that are extremely topical within the cultural Croatia WhatsApp Number List sector. Not least because regular influencer marketing campaigns cannot always be translated one-on-one to the cultural sector. In five respects, the influencer marketing strategy in the cultural sector differs.

Strongly from the strategies

used in more commercial sectors such as lifestyle, beauty or travel. A visit to the exhibition ‘Coded Nature’ by Studio Drift in the Stedelijk Museum. 1. Number of campaigns Dutch companies have invested heavily in influencer marketing in recent years: roughly they start 5 to 10 campaigns per year. These numbers are on the ambitious side for the cultural sector. Five to ten campaigns per year may be feasible for playhouses, theaters, or venues with.

A substantial cultural offer

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This may be more difficult for museums. A trend that has continued in recent years is the programming of blockbuster exhibitions: larger, but less frequent. In addition, smaller museums often have too little budget or manpower to have a lot of exhibition changes per year. 2. Number of influencers in the niche On average, commercial organizations deploy 10 to 25 influencers

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