We may not think that a voter or consumer “freely chooses” what he chooses, using the techniques and technology users around the world today. Also by Poland WhatsApp Number List you and me. Transparency, and the active dissemination of information awareness, is owed to citizens, patients, and consumers. Beyond the GDPR On my train journey back to the Netherlands, my mind is still – or even more – confused by the riddle of free will.

The disturbing wasp

is back. But my resolve has been strengthened: I intend to learn even more and talk more about the ethics of using big data, and the immense impact digital communication technology is already having on our lives. When the GDPR hit our marketing department, I was the one who advocated going beyond the law. That we would seriously consider the impact and responsibility that our own digital marketing practices have on people’s lives.

Even if that meant

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generating fewer leads. We also used Facebook and Google pixels as standard in our websites in the past, I admit that. So, what should we choose? I think we should all want to go beyond the GDPR and the restrictions but also the awareness that that law gives us. As politicians, as companies and marketers and as individuals. To protect our own and each other’s ‘free will’.

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