Brainstorming techniques are very effective in helping to produce new ideas and are widely by marketers when thinking about and planning content. In this article you will learn alternative exercises to work on your brainstorming and to generate attractive material and innovative ideas for your content marketing strategies. Brainstorming in a Nutshell Brainstorming or brainstorming is a collaborative technique for generating ideas for work groups. It is out with the premise of participation and the promotion of creative thinking in the participants. Brainstorming was to advertising by Alex Osborn in his 1953 book Imagination .

This technique in an informal and relaxed environment. When it takes place in a highly structured environment, the creative process is impaired and the flow of “out-of-the-box” thoughts is cut off. The best ideas never arise in environments that are too rigid: the comfort of the team is a fundamental factor in promoting creativity. Some basic Belarus phone numbers for group brainstorming are: There are no bad ideas. It is not necessary to evaluate or extend all of them until the end of the session. Goals should not be set on number of ideas. You can use several techniques in a single session. Ideas should be saved: what is not used immediately, can be used in the future.

Brainstorming In A Nutshell

Importance of brainstorming techniques for marketing Importance of Brainstorming in the Creative Marketing Process In addition to the possibility that brainstorming offers to generate new and disruptive ideas, there are also many advantages that it can bring to the creative processes within your marketing team: Promotes participation. One of the objectives of brainstorming is to ensure that the team works together and that the contribution of each member is. It allows to innovate. During a brainstorming session, team members can express themselves freely. Therefore, this format encourages the generation of new options to respond to specific problems or needs.

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Increase productivity. The brainstorming technique promotes the commitment of the team to meet objectives responsibly. Increases motivation. Taking into account the vision and contributions of the work team is the best way to increase their motivation and promote their identification with the company’s projects. Improve communication. All ideas taken into account in a brainstorming session, beyond the hierarchies. In this sense, it is a good time to listen and to express opinions. Brainstorming techniques Now that you know the multiple benefits that brainstorming can bring to the creative process and your content strategy , we will share various exercises for you to start practicing. Dare to put your thinking to the test!

Importance Of Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a collaborative method that aims to quickly and spontaneously collect ideas. The 5 “Whys” In this sequence, the goal is to go as deep as possible into a central idea. It is ideal to start from the base of a problematic result as a trigger. Example: “We did not meet our sales target.” There you ask yourself: Why? Once you answer, ask again until you get to the reasons for the problem, but don’t go over 5 whys. There are cases in which you will need more, but it is not usually common. After analyzing the 5 whys, review the findings and develop an action plan based on them. This approach works very well when done in a large group with the help of a facilitator.

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