Are you trying to decide between Blue host vs WordPress? Figuring out which hosting company to use for your website can be a challenge when there are so many Central-African-Republic Email List options and you’re trying to choose what’s best for your own unique needs. It gets even more complicated with WordPress in the mix. Maybe you’ve heard there are two different “types” of WordPress, for instance, and you’re wondering what that’s all about. Well, we’re going to clear things up.

Bluehost Vs WordPress How To Decide Which

In this comparison guide to Blue host vs WordPress, we’re taking a look at two very popular options: (1) “self-hosted” WordPress with Blue host powering your blog and (2) “hosted” WordPress with the makers of this publishing platform, Along the way, Central-African-Republic Email List I’ll explain everything you need to know—minus all the confusing jargon. Ready to get started? You can use these quick links to go straight to what you want to know.

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An Important Distinction

That means you can run all sorts of different websites using Blue host. Sure, you could run a WordPress website (and most Blue host customers, including me, do)…Central-African-Republic Email List but you could also run a website that uses different software, like Joomla or a fully custom-built site. WordPress on the other hand, is a CMS—a Content Management System. This means WordPress is a tool you can use to easily create and manage a website.

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