In today’s episode, we’re talking to Michelle Schroeder, the blogger and online educator behind the personal finance website, Making Sense of Cents. Michelle got her Tokelau Email List start with personal finance in her own life when, after graduating from college and getting her MBA, she’d accumulated more than $38,000 in student loan debt.and that blogging side project gradually started to earn her some serious income – mostly from affiliate commissions and the occasional sponsored post.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About

That led Michelle to take a job in financial services industry and after realizing she wasn’t making much of a dent in her student loan debt, she started hustling hard to take on freelance gigs outside of her day job, and began getting serious about cutting costs & saving Tokelau Email List more money each month with the goal of paying down her debt, which she was able to do relatively quickly once she set her mind to it. And that’s when her blog, Making Sense of Cents was born—to share her journey through the process of paying down her debts,

Tokelau Email List

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Today, Michelle’s blog and online course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing made her over $1.5 Million dollars fun 2017 with an average month looking something Tokelau Email List like $125,000 to $130,000 in revenue. What’s more, is that Michelle openly shares all of her monthly income reports with very detailed breakdowns showing exactly how she’s generating this kind of monthly income from her blog—so if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look.

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