The most fundamental element of all SEO strategies starts with learning how to do keyword research—and finding great keyword opportunities to rank for. If you use too many of them, at best, your content sounds like it was written by R2-D2. At worst, Google thinks you’re Nepal Phone Number List keyword stuffing and penalizes your site’s ranking. Not good. New blogs also have lower domain authority (when you first make a website) and thus don’t carry the same weight as older, more reputable websites. As a result, ranking for more competitive keywords can be challenging, and your efforts in promoting your blog will take more time to pay off.

Focus On User Intent (Not Search Engines

If you’re a new blogger, the best type of keywords to try and rank for are: Twinword Ideas is a (currently) free tool you can use. Type in a head keyword phrase you want to rank for. Then, see what the search volume is and how competitive it’ll be to rank for that term. Best of Nepal Phone Number List all, these blogging tools will give you additional keyword research ideas. Because Keywords Everywhere is a browser plugin, it has the advantage of giving you related keywords and sentences people are searching for right from Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

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Take Your Time Writing Blog SEO-Friendly

If you’re looking to really level-up your keyword game, Ahrefs and SEMrush will take your SEO game out of this world. These are two ultra-popular SEO analysis tools, and you’ll be in good hands with either one. The most significant difference between the two is while Nepal Phone Number List both are excellent keyword researchers, Ahrefs has the edge if you’re looking to analyze what backlinks your competitors have. This will come in come in handy when finding where your competitors are getting mentioned, so you can do the same!

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