September was another very successful month for my blog and the third highest in terms of revenue generated for this year, which I’m super grateful for as Maldives Email Lists I celebrate my birthday (yesterday 🎉). Income came in at $43,297.99 and I brought in 255,427 readers—with 316,888 unique sessions.Overall, I generated $43,297.99 in blog income during September of 2020.

Blog Income In September 2020

Now, digging into the numbers for September… blog income remained at a sustained level, again landing far above my forecast range thanks to increased affiliate commissions from my guide about how to start a blog, and another month of steady enrollments in my comprehensive blogging course, Built to Blog: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six-Figures Blogging Maldives Email Lists (enrollments are still open if you want to join us 👋). Business expenses remained low again as I kept my freelance writers as many articles as they wanted to take on throughout the month, so that my content pipeline remains stocked for the next several months. Profit for September came in at $39,505.03.

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The Forecast ☀️: For October, I’m expecting blog income to temporarily drop from the highs I’ve been seeing these past few months (as a result of some short-term volatility in search rankings), landing somewhere in the range of $32,000 – $38,000. Income is likely to Maldives Email Lists in this general range over the coming months before increasing again, as I continue benefiting from a relatively steady rebound in traffic and spend more time updating up my existing content library. My business-related expenses will also remain steady at a lower level as I dedicate more of my time to supporting important causes and organizations that I care deeply about.

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