Whew! This income report is coming to you late, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of offline time exploring several of my favorite US National Parks these past couple of months, so my attention has been elsewhere. November saw a pretty consistent slide across the board with Lebanon Email List my blog, from revenue remaining flat (due to a major affiliate missing a projected payout date), to a dip in traffic and drop in email subscriber growth. Income came in at $23,024.04 and I brought in 191,989 readers—with 259,767 unique sessions.

Blog Income In November 2020

Now, digging into the numbers for November… blog income stayed relatively static compared to last month (due in part to a delayed affiliate payout), but I’m still seeing consistent commissions from my guide about how to start a blog and ramping up longer-term Lebanon Email List oriented gains with other monetized articles. We had another strong month of enrollments in my comprehensive blogging course, Built to Blog: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six-Figures Blogging (enrollments are still open, so come join us 👋).

Lebanon Email List

Blog Income Breakdown For November 2020

Overall, I generated $23,026.04 in blog income during November of 2020—while I spent much of my time out hiking in the wilderness. Business expenses spiked significantly this month as my once a year Convert Kit (email marketing platform) annual plan bill came through. Profit for November came in at $10,997.67. The Forecast For December, I’m expecting my blog income Lebanon Email List to increase a bit, landing revenue somewhere between $28,000 – $33,000. Income is likely go back down a little bit or hover around this general range over the coming months, while I work on some SEO tweaks and content overhauls with the goal of rebounding traffic for the first quarter of 2021. I’ll be tighter reign on business expenses for the months to come while I invest more of my time into curbing the traffic decline I’m seeing.

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