Let’s jump straight into June’s blog income report, because it was a big one—and I’m heading out for some much needed offline time for the next couple of weeks. New Zealand Email Database Income came in at $43,942.96. Due to a Google Analytics reporting error with a spike in (fake) bot traffic, my reporting was a little too difficult to quickly parse through, but I brought in between 415,000 and 500,000 readers—with between 510,000 and 585,000 unique sessions.

Blog Income In June 2020

Now, digging into the numbers for June… blog income increased dramatically over the previous month, landing far above my forecast range thanks to increased affiliate commissions from my guide about how to start a blog, another month of increased enrollments in my New Zealand Email Database comprehensive blogging course, Built to Blog: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six-Figures Blogging and a final payment coming through from the last freelance project I did earlier in the year.

New Zealand Email Database

Blog Income Breakdown For June 2020

The Forecast ☀️: For July, I’m expecting my blog income to flatten out a little bit from this month’s high, landing in the range of $37,000 – $41,000. Income is likely to remain in this general range over the coming months as I continue benefiting from traffic gains, spend more New Zealand Email Database time beefing up my existing content and figuring out ways to promote new win-win affiliate programs throughout my content. My business-related expenses are going to remain relatively steady (possibly lower) as I dedicate a lot more financial resources and time to supporting important causes and organizations that I care deeply about.

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