All marketers know, sending emails is an art form. Is there a perfect time to send an email? Understanding the best time to send an email can be the difference between your emails converting to sales or getting positive responses and it going unread and getting deleted. Cyprus WhatsApp Number List To get to the bottom of the right and wrong time to send an email, we’re looking at: Choosing the right send times for the email to land in someone’s inbox will get good open rates, a better click-through rate (CTR), and generate more traffic to a website or to social media.

What’s The Best Time To Send An Email?

In the pursuit of the best time of day to send an email, email marketing tools, services businesses, and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies will periodically analyze their data to see what’s working and what’s not. Although most of the data we’re going to look at comes from organizations sending an email newsletter, much of the theory holds when it comes to working Cyprus WhatsApp Number List patterns and why the spikes occur when they do. First, let’s look at a bit of an outlier in terms of your target audience – a 2020 study by Siege Media looked specifically at outreach email rather than newsletters or email blasts, sent to contacts that they describe as “room-temperature” as opposed to “cold”.

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Data From 11 Original Studies

According to their study, the best time of day to send an email is either 8-9 am or 1 pm, which makes sense when you consider these times are when people get to or return to their desks at work.GetResponse, an email marketing SaaS, completed a study of over 5 billion Cyprus WhatsApp Number List emails for their email marketing benchmarks study and surprisingly found that the highest open rates globally were at 3-4 am. They do note that the sample size at this time was super low and that, in general, office hours see the best open rates and CTRs.

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