If you want to learn how to monetize on YouTube , you are in the right place. In the following article you will learn everything you need to create the best monetizable content and generate money. From the beginning of YouTube to today, many things have changed. What was initially an entertainment platform has become a powerful distribution and sales channel. Influencers and youtubers appeared , and a whole powerful new industry was generated around them. This ecosystem of content creators works with the same goal: to monetize their videos on YouTube and earn money through their channels.

If you are interested in how to monetize your YouTube videos, below you will find a complete guide of effective best practices to create adapted and monetizable content. What Videos can be Monetized on Youtube? The videos that you can monetize on YouTube are those for which you have the commercial use rights of the visual elements that Chile phone number up the content. These elements are music, songs, dialogues, acting of actors, recorded scenes, etc. Moreover, This is applicable to any content on the platform: tutorials, music videos, home videos, documentaries, interviews, etc. If you are a creator of audiovisual content and you have all the commercial rights, you have most of the work done.

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However, you must not only have the rights but also comply with various Youtube Community Guidelines. Around the world, users watch more than a billion hours of content every day. (Source) Requirements to Monetize on Youtube In order for YouTube to allow you to monetize your content, you must comply with the platform’s Monetization Policies, which are into four parts: Community guidelines. The rules on copyright. The AdSense Program Policies. The terms and conditions of both the YouTube service and AdSense. Moreover, These policies seek to determine a series of good practices to create quality and monetizable content.

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Community Guidelines There are some requirements that met to monetize audiovisual content: Do not use inappropriate language : if your content frequently uses obscene or vulgar language, it will not eligible for monetization. YouTube takes context into account: occasional use like music videos doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not monetizable. Moreover, Do not promote violence: Content that includes blood, violence, or injuries without context is not eligible for ad serving. The additional context is essential. A violent act in an informative, educational or documentary context Do not promote harassment or bullying: content that denigrates or humiliates people, that incites or promotes discrimination cannot on YouTube.

Requirements To Chile Phone Number Monetize On Youtube

Tobacco or Weapon-Related Content: Any type of content that promotes the use of weapons or promotes tobacco or related content is not eligible for ad serving. Copyright Author’s rights are a set of legal norms that affirm the moral and patrimonial rights of authors. The works that are subject to copyright are: audiovisual works, such as tv shows. Movies, and online videos sound recordings and musical compositions written works. Moreover, Such as lectures, articles, books, and musical compositions visual works. Such as paintings, posters, and advertisements video games and computer software dramatic. Works, such as plays and musicals to monetize videos on youtube. You must have commercial rights or have authorization for use.

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