Today, we will examine the data that has become more important than money in our article. If you do not know about data, you can go to our page, what is data , what is information .

Software such as android and ios are installed on our phones. We also use programs that these software can read, that is, applications. Such as instagram whatsapp. Here is the part that interests us, the permissions we give while downloading these applications. Personal data law is also relevant to this issue. First, let’s list which applications are under one roof.

  • facebook, instagram, whatsapp
  • Google android, youtube, gmail, google maps, chrome, google calendar, google contacts etc…
  • Microsoft operating systems, microsoft office programs, windows server, xbox

Our companies, which form the basis of data wars and fight monopoly wars, are above. As you can see, if you are an individual using an android operating system phone, google knows a lot about you. It can offer you more information than you know from the types of videos you watch, the searches you make, and your chrome history. 😊 Of course, big companies are doing data exchanges. Otherwise, none of them have the power to survive for now. An example of this is that we see its advertisement on Instagram after a razor search on Google.

Moreover, we can access this data. Personally, I have 2 gb data registered on google (about 1 movie size). If you want to learn your own data, you can reach it from the link here .

Data Wars

Today, the news about Huawei, such as the license cancellation of Google, the restrictions of Intel, the removal of Microsoft from its online store, seem like a problem between the two countries, but they are examples of data warfare. The phenomenon we call big data is now turning into a war. I don’t think the brands will be bothered by this. Because the Austria Phone Numbers brand we mentioned broke the records of rise in 1 year with the phones they released. Naturally, the data field has expanded. Things are changing since a growing brand won’t sell itself. Data has become the talk of data, not money anymore.

As a footnote, Huawei is a brand that has already made a name for itself in the field of telecommunication-internet products rather than mobile phones. In the most basic part of the data, they have made a very good weapon for themselves 😊

At its simplest, it is the manufacturer of devices such as modems and routers that allow us to access the Internet. Thanks to these devices, which take part in network communication, Huawei is already one of the first brands to extract data about us.

Wars continue about the unknown face of the internet, not only in the world of technology but also in the movie world. Netflx, which has become the leader of the TV series-film industry, could not get a license for Captain Marvel. In the past months, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch continues according to the decisions made by the users. There are two different scenarios. You are asked a question in the middle of the movie and you continue according to this question.

Netflx will be able to classify users according to the preferences made. It will be able to present customized product placements and user-specific scenarios. With this new information source, Netflx will be able to have a lot of emotional/psychological information about us. It will also be able to exhibit products that can affect us emotionally and psychologically.

Austria Phone Numbers

Monopoly Wars

Another example of data wars is company acquisitions. That is, monopolization. The numbers that I will explain in a moment may scare you.

  • The technology world’s record sales were achieved by acquiring computer maker Dell’s data storage company EMC for $67 billion.
  • Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, which brings together job seekers and employers. Thus, the leader of the business world once again expanded its network. It has brands such as Skype and Nokia. It has +190 companies in total, together with Microsoft Linkedin.
  • Facebook, that is, Mark Zuckerberg, made the biggest purchase with whatsapp. Whatsapp was bought for $ 19 billion. However, Zuckerberg has another business that hit the jackpot. He bought Instagram for $ 1 billion while it had 30 million users . The current market value of Instagram, which appears to be the leader of the media , is +100 billion dollars.

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