The 4 reasons that explain it How can it be that those brands that have been known, reputed and profitable in their sectors for so long allow themselves to be surpassed by recently created brands such as those mentioned? And to such an extent that they really struggle in front of them and can even disappear? Fundamentally there are 4 interrelated reasons that explain it: The first is the strong attachment that exists in any company towards the activity that it carries out effectively in the present, and that ends up creating a real economic and cultural barrier for them to get out of that dangerous comfort zone. It is enough to think of any airline.

From the traditional Iberia to the most recent

From the traditional Iberia to the most recent Vueling , to realize how little effort has been put into them to improve the experience of their passengers, beyond Wedding Photo Editing squeezing them into ever smaller spaces. The second is because many companies have a very poor understanding of what their activity really is. That is to say, not having well defined what they do . If Visa had been clear that its activity was to facilitate a virtual payment method instead of being focused on making credit cards, it probably would have avoided the appearance of PayPal . The third is the lack of digital mindset that prevails in most traditional companies. Digital is usually something strange in them and only understood by a few, instead of being a true transversal culture in all areas of the company’s activity.

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Existing processes tend to be very heavy

Existing processes tend to be very heavy weights. To move in favor of new technologies or new digital ways of interacting with our consumers . Until Executive List recently, it was unthinkable for UPS or MRW to have a merchandise tracking app. And let alone reaching agreements with restaurants. To serve meals at home, as other specialized courier companies do. Such as Deliverooor the aforementioned Glovo. And the fourth is not having been able to see the enormous importance.  That data plays today in the effective performance of any brand. Brands like Cinesa have entrusted their success for decades.  To the attendance of hundreds of thousands of anonymous viewers who filled their theaters. Without ever addressing them or asking them anything.

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