Before starting a campaign, determine what is most important to your institution at the moment. Reach: do you want to draw the attention Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List of as many people as possible to your event? Engagement: Influencers have a loyal following who respond, actively follow, and are likely to take good tips. This group is usually smaller than.

The Total number of followers

More receptive to the content. Content: do you really want to convey the content in a really good way, and do you take to reach and involvement as a positive side effect? 5. Opt for a personal approach A good handle is to apply the well-known press release strategy to approaching influencers. And that means: Do not send impersonally.

Mail to bulk influencers

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Choose targeted. Plus, be open about how exclusive you make your campaign – are you inviting 2, 10 or 75 influencers? We are all familiar with the #prfail on Twitter, where – to give an example – journalists from a vegan magazine are forwarded press releases from a manufacturer that makes leather belts. Therefore, choose influencers that suit your organization.

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