More and more people believe in the power of voice-activated speakers. But how are they used and what is the potential for news media? Little is known Italy WhatsApp Number List about this. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism conducted much-needed research into the use of voice assistants in the US, UK, and Germany. In short, the key.

Findings from The Reuters survey

Smart speakers (like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home ) are popular — and their sales are booming. Good to know: the research focuses on smart speakers, but voice assistants find their place in all kinds of devices, from telephones to cars and beyond. The speakers are especially popular with people between the age of 35 – 44 years.

Voice  also Online is much

Italy WhatsApp Number List

Positively by the elderly and disabled. Simple tasks, such as playing music, setting alarms and timers, and asking for the weather report are more popular than listening to the news. Voice still has a number of technical challenges, which are expected to be solved. But problems such as privacy and the business model still raise questions.

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