Credibility, and your authority. And ultimately gives you more results. And if you have something, do more with it, so that you increase and strengthen your  Slovenia WhatsApp Number List reach and engagement. Improve the blog along the way, also make an infographic, a video, an e-book, for example. The strategy is designed in this way.

The execution is not he agrees

Average blog: 3.28 hours and 1150 words An average blog of 1150 words takes about three hours and 28 minutes to write. This is evident from the blogger survey of Orbit, in which 1000+ bloggers participated . I recognize myself in this result, but it is also sometimes much more in my eyes. Crestodina agrees. After all, according to him, you should make a blog as long as necessary. Moreover, is the reader interested?

Then there is no maximum length

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The speaker shows examples of very long own blogs with a lot of research, data, graphs and quotes from experts. The more he updates and expands them, the higher they rank in Google, he says. Also read: This is how you develop & implement a PR strategy for B2B Success factors for blogs The tactics least used for blogging are surprisingly the most effective.

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