A key tool when optimizing business processes is marketing automation; that is, promotional and follow-up actions . Therefore, it is important to cover the need to streamline the work of the marketing and sales team. Next, we compare two of the most used platforms in the region so that you know the differential aspects of each one: Hubspot vs RD Station. Why is marketing automation important? Marketing automation involves the configuration and planning of the entire process of converting a lead into a customer from the “attraction” to the closing of the sale.

The term “automation” refers to the fact that certain actions and notifications are carried out automatically with the help of software. Its importance lies in the fact that once potential customers enter the circuit, they may proceed Kenya phone number a pre-formulated journey. That way, the marketing department saves time and can focus their efforts on attracting more potential customers to the company. At the same time, automating marketing processes favors the design of more personalized campaigns that, logically, are more effective. This leads to an increase in the volume of leads and online sales with a lower cost of investment.

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It is also a way to optimize commercial and advertising work, since both are organically unified in a digital system. How marketing automation works To achieve public knowledge and plan marketing automation, you must first create a funnel or sales funnel . It is a series of proposals that promote actions according to the way in which you want the client to go through the path to the sale. The inverted pyramid represents the steps of “filtering” leads until the closing of the sale, based on specific promotional campaigns for each stage.

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For example: offer valuable content that can be found in search engines, followed. By trial days of a service and then the offer of a plan at a promotional price. The funnel-shaped conversion scheme shows the stages that a potential. Customer must go through to become a loyal consumer of the brand. Having this information, you will be able. To develop a commercial strategy according to each user and generate a more personalized marketing. To better profile your buyer personas , you can collect key data throughout the different phases of the journey.

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According to the stages of the funnel in which the clients are, labels are developed. That allow the database to be segmented and, immediately afterwards, to. Manage the activation of automatic actions according to the schedule. To achieve a higher volume of organic leads on your site, it is necessary. To have a series of automation tools. These are softwares that fulfill the function of collecting. The data provided by prospects and leads, and that carry out the planned automatic actions.  The journeys that automation should encourage seek conversions and, therefore, for each customer at a certain stage.

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