Secretly we think that Google doesn’t want you to use it either:

Google is increasingly using AI to dynamically create extensions or copy itself. The name says it all: fully automatic. But these automatic extensions often do not match the corporate identity or message you want to convey. Did you know you can just turn it off?

First navigate to extensions > Summary > scroll down to automated extensions > right click on the three dots with ‘more’ > Advanced settings and there they are, ready to be turned off.

So the next time you feel frustrated with your extensions, remember that you have the power to change them!

3. Item Library

The item library is not so much hidden. But I’ll take it with me for a while, because I see that it isn’t used much.

Think of it as a drive where you can group all your images Tunisia Phone Number and banners together. You can create your own folders. For example, sort your footage based on seasons or promotions. Are you an advertiser who uses a lot of different content? Then this is a must-have.

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Oh PS: well hidden is the ‘Make video’ function. It’s under the same heading. You can instantly create a beautiful video from your images. It seems that a new campaign type is coming where video is an important part. This just might come in handy.

4. Migration tool Performance Max

‘A new campaign type’ I hear people think. But a little SEA specialist has known for a few months that this is coming: Performance Max.

Google is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s a small change, such as a new button or layout in the interface. But sometimes it’s a big change that affects the way we work every day. A curse to some, a blessing to others. However you feel about it, you will have to learn to deal with it.

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