less and less a separate part of organizations. The service department is the pivot within companies. After all, it is the department that focuses its ears and eyes on Guatemala WhatsApp Number List on the market – and this also provides input for sales, marketing, spokespersons and (product) development. Short lines are therefore essential. Service is no longer about putting out.

Fires And responding to questions

It is the place where the structure and processes of your organization are exposed by customers. By including this valuable feedback from service in the further development of your company, you are also able to take steps in that way to meet the customer and continue to grow. 2. Matching tone of voice and core values Organizations attach.

Increasing  sound policy

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In the field of webcare. “Because the webcare department is the pivot within the organization, that policy is also becoming increasingly important. Webcare is not only the ears and eyes of the organization but also the voice”, according to webcare consultant Marcel Vergonet . Within the policy you check what the core values ​​of your organization are and you try to support.

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