Do you have a freelance business? Perhaps you’re looking to start freelancing in the near future.. If so, you’re either already looking to grow your client-base and scale your business, or you’ll soon be joining the over 54 million freelancers in the US, all seeking to gain Croatia Phone Number List more control over their careers. One of the tallest hurdles in launching a freelance business is deciding what your hourly rate should be. This will directly affect how much you make as a freelancer, what the perceived value is for your services within the industry, and how you’ll define your personal brand.

Are You Charging The Right Hourly Rate

Test your way into pricing your services by launching a freelance business while you still hold onto your day job. Start high with your pricing and gradually move down (if you have to), but keep in mind that the best freelancer-client relationships are borne out of both fair Croatia Phone Number List prices and realistic expectations. One of my favorite clients I worked with way back when I started freelance writing was from a freelance marketplace website—PeoplePerHour.

Croatia Phone Number List

Hourly Rate As A Freelancer

The reason I had such a great relationship with my first client, is because I was bringing on a lot of domain expertise in learning how to start blogging from scratch and building an online community (a high value to Martiel), at an affordable cost from her perspective.Croatia Phone Number List I was very satisfied with the hourly rate we negotiated, the workload each week, and most importantly – the work was engaging and interesting to me. Signing this client helped me validate my business idea of becoming a freelance content marketer. Before you decide on an arbitrary hourly rate for your services, there are a few very important questions you need to ask yourself.

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