The irruption of social networks in everyday life has completely transformed the relationships between customers and brands. The new Reels on Instagram arrive to add an alternative that allows us to strengthen relationships with consumers and followers through the creation of valuable content. At the end of 2020, Instagram launched the popular Reels function, a modality inspired by the TikTok social network that allows the making of short videos with special effects and music. This resource was quickly adopted by companies and businesses to enhance their digital marketing strategies and maintains a high profile within the social network.

In this article you will learn why it is so important to use Reels on Instagram to create branded content and find the best practices to get the most out of them. Reels on Instagram: How to Communicate in Less Than 30 Seconds Reels is a feature that allows Instagram users to edit and post short videos (up to 30 seconds) using a wide variety Estonia phone numbers audiovisual resources: Music. It is possible to add the music you want from the Instagram collection without any copyright issues. Velocity. The feature allows you to speed up or slow down both the video and audio of the content you have created. Effects. Hundreds of filters and effects that are built into Instagram can be used.

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Timer. You can choose the duration of the clip and add a countdown before starting the recording to be prepared. Clip editor. Allows you to modify video cuts or delete them easily Gallery. Instagram allows you to add content from your gallery to Reels. Although 30 seconds seems like a very short time, it is enough to keep users’ attention. These are some tips to keep in mind if you want to add Reels to your content strategy: Explore the content. First of all, we recommend you take a tour of the browser to see the trends in videos of users and other brands to get inspiration. Subtitle the Reels.

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There are many people who navigate with the audio off; therefore, if there is a person speaking in your clips, it is recommended that you add subtitles. This way, you will get more views. Generate creative and fun content. Use the Instagram feed for more formal posts and the stories for fresh and informal content. Reels are a good option to display fun material associated with your brand. As a format, Reels are a great way to share educational content. Through this function, you can show how your products are used or give advice on topics related to your field.

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For example: if you have a clothing business, some options may be to show. Different outfits or share tips for combining colors. In terms of visibility, Reels work very well in the explore. Tab to attract users who are not followers of your page. As always, it is essential to make good use of hashtags in your content to increase reach. A last novelty, Instagram launched a new feature for Reels: ads. As of June 2021, it is possible to create and view advertising in this section of the platform. Reel ads can help you connect with new potential customers that you can engage with inspiring and relevant content.

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