Discover, in the following article, how to make good use of clickbait in your marketing strategies to increase organic traffic to your website in a natural and effective way. We’ve all given up on clickbait during an internet search. It is also possible that, when entering it, we have found disappointing materials; but the reality is that there is valuable, fun, useful and ingenious content that through this resource. Surely you have seen this type of headlines hundreds of times: “Once you read this, you’ll never eat unwashed food again” or “You won’t believe what happens to your body when you drink lemon juice.”

This writing technique is known as clickbait and focuses on drawing attention to attract users through eye-catching and intriguing headlines. It has been a widely method in the media for a long time and. Nowadays, it has naturally moved to the field of digital content. Clickbait usually has a negative connotation because, in the early days Ecuador phone number the internet. It was misused as a deceptive technique: it used to get a lot of clicks without offering relevant. Information in return or by delivering – literally – lies. This excessive use has caused large technology companies such. As google or facebook to not look favorably on this type of action.

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Without a doubt, clickbait can be used inappropriately, just like any other SEO practice ; but in this article we will share good practices that will allow you to use this resource and make the most of it in your marketing strategies without producing negative reactions. What is Clickbait? Clickbait “click bait” is a writing technique in which headlines and descriptions are in order to attract users and encourage them to click on a content link. But what is it that generates clickbait? In the digital environment, the purpose of clickbait is to generate a large volume of visitors to a web page.

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The success of this writing technique is to the natural human need to acquire information: it takes advantage of that desire and encourages readers to want to know more, which leads to their entering the link that accompanies the header. Through a shocking sentence, it seeks to generate intrigue so that users cannot resist the impulse to click. Clickbait History The origin of clickbait dates back to 1927 when renowned copywriter John Caples wrote the following headline for an American School of Music advertisement: “They laughed when I sat down at the piano; but, when I started playing…». It is one of the first lead magnets written to connect with the audience and arouse deep interest from them. Back then, he was a revolutionary headline.

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From that moment on, an era was in which storytelling and emotions were the centerpieces of virtually all commercials. With the advent of the Internet and the urgent to position content within search engines to generate organic traffic, clickbait began to excessively and slowly lost effectiveness. Beyond the negative connotations that it came to have due to its excessive use, the essence of clickbait is to use a provocative description and a striking title to cause reactions, sensations and controversy in users; in this way, it is possible to motivate them to carry out a desired action. Titles-clickbait-in-marketing Why is Clickbait So Powerful?

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