The name of the legendary aircraft designer and the hero of the Soviet Union does not match the names of the squares and roads in Novosibirsk. Such a choice was ma by the citizens during the online survey.

The area of ​​Dzerzhinsky district will be name after the aircraft designer OLEG KonStantinovich Anton ova , who was consider the father. Of domestic Antoni’s aircraft designer and transport aircraft. With Novosibirsk, it is related to the years of work in the final office branch. Since 1946, he headed the branch of Ob., and later – OkB-153.


Under Anton ova’s direction Antoni’s aircraft designer and


The CX-1 agricultural aircraft was create which is also called A-2.  Transport aircraft with two Turboprop engines. The plane of 10 is rare Italy Phone Number for the passenger of a passenger with properties. The speed of the flight and the possibility of taking off and calling the clay and the ground. “ante” “ante” marked a new stage in the construction of aircraft – it became the world’s free plane. It was higher than anything that at that time was created in the world’s aircraft. And the aircraft of the 74th and today are very useful in uncontrolled areas where there are no aircraft with codes.


Antonio’s aircraft designer


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And the passing of the hero of the Soviet Union will appear in Novosibirsk 24285_2
In the Oktyabrsky district, the passage will be an after the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Alekseevich Konini (1918 – 1945).

Alexander Alekseevich studied at the Novosibirsk Design Institute. When the great patriotic war began, from the fourth, the volunteers went to the front.

Until June 1942, in the military zone, he took part in the Don and Volga battles. On August 18, in the battle for the height of 87.0 in the lake area, in hand-to-hand combat, Kanchan destroyed five Nazis.


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