Think digitally, act locally

Not every culture responds the same way to the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists same campaigns. For instance, in the US, social is a way to build community, create a brand image, and drive customers to your website. In China, however, over 46% of sales come from social.

Speaking of social networks, Facebook is the ‘big gun’ in the US, but other networks dominate overseas, such as QQ and Baidu.

VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists

And, the digital divide is real due to a combination of infrastructure and evolution. For instance, many countries have leapfrogged technology rather than evolving in the same way as Western cultures. Mobile is ubiquitous in the East, while laptops and desktops still retain a stronghold in the West.

Thus, developing a deep cross-cultural competency is critical to manage global digital marketing, or any marketing in general. Here’s a good book for understanding how to build such competencies.

Global language

Don’t forget that different cultures speak different languages and, while English may dominate in much of the world, native speakers still prefer their own language for search.


Global SEO isn’t for the faint-hearted, nor can it be accomplished successfully on the cheap. Multi-country multi-language campaigns are complex and require specifically dedicated resources.

Global SEO is a combination of choosing the right search engine (Google dominates in western cultures, but other search engines dominate in other locations) and choosing the right keywords in the local dialect (not just language). For this, you’ll likely need to work with native speakers to make the right choices.

On my site, it might be enough to include Google Translate so readers can view my content in their preferred language, but a company choosing to target different regions might develop specific websites for each, taking into consideration both language and cultural differences. Think about doing the same with your social networks, especially Twitter, to avoid confusion with multiple languages.

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