On facebook you communicate in many formats. Characteristics of a social network so going over the key points: what makes a social network a social network? For this. Oman phone number We can list the following main characteristics: graph with the characteristics of social networks they allow the connection between several individuals . No matter where they are from. In this way a person who lives in asia can have a conversation Oman phone number with a person who lives in latin america. . Allowing their users to express their preferences and personalities as they wish. Any publication made on social networks has a chance of going viral.

It gives rise to the exchange of opinions . For the same reason that connectivity allows people from anywhere in the world to talk about the Oman phone number same topic. This is beneficial. Since it allows us to understand what different social groups think. The conversations can be in real time . Thanks to the platforms that include individual and group chats. Although fluid chats can also be given in the comments of publications. This also happens on streaming platforms like twitch. Facebook gaming and youtube. Most social networks have a high level of personalization of profiles

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Which means that it will be available to a large number of users in a very short time and without being able to control its expansion. Making it a Oman phone number topic of the moment. This can have many advantages.and sometimes disadvantages.depending on how the strategy is managed. One of the types of content that is most likely to go viral is memes. Oman phone number Many of the social networks allow companies to advertise their products and services . Through personalized ads with defined segmentation and budgets. Facebook is one of the basic networks to carry out this type of campaign. Since almost all the traffic obtained by the brands of this social network is with an advertising pattern.

Oman phone number
Oman phone number

And to a lesser extent organic. The platforms are made with algorithms that are constantly updated . And that understand the behavior of their users. In order to offer them a personalized experience by suggesting content that really interests them. Understanding the algorithms of social networks is very important to advertise on them. Oman phone number Historical context of social networks before continuing to talk about the subject. It is necessary to give a little Oman phone number historical context to understand how social networks evolved. To what they are today. The first social network in the world was. Created by randy conrads in 1995. With the aim of connecting with classmates and .therefore.

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Not losing contact with them. Other sites with similar ideas appeared after that. But it wasn’t until 2003 . when tom anderson created myspace . that social networking as we know it emerged. Myspace was very popular at the time. As it allowed for a higher level of interaction with users. As well as highly customizable profile pages. Thus making each Oman phone number profile unique. However. It was facebook that really changed everything and is here to stay. Mark zuckerberg created facemash in 2003 . A website that was available for a few hours. And where you could interact with photos of harvard university students. After that. Although mark had problems with the university for the exhibition without consent of the photographs. He was contacted by the winklevoss brothers to work on a project called Mark accepted.


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