In order to avoid the situation of being busy every day and forgetting. What I am busy with after a period of time, I began to record the work content every day. To see if I could find optimization points that could improve work efficiency.

Through daily analysis, it was found that the project changed frequently. Although the final draft was three large-screen interfaces, there were as many as a dozen drafts in the middle: low-fidelity, high-fidelity, different functional layouts, different visual styles, etc. . Why does this happen? How can we improve communication efficiency?

After using the above process to communicate with customers, the efficiency has improved a lot. Finally, the large screen was successfully displayed, and our team was highly recognized by customers.

Second, personal time management, improve work focus

The characteristics of large companies are: more meetings, more process specifications, and more training. These big company characteristics are good things, but there are always two sides to things. These matters take up a lot of work time and will constantly interrupt the focus of the current work.

  • After writing the daily report, I can count Turkey Mobile Number the frequency and time of these transactions and know the maximum workload I can bear. If possible, these transactions can be centralized and less disruptive.
  • When formulating my work plan, I can take these factors into consideration and leave myself some buffer, rather than evaluating the time from the ideal state.

3. A simple summary of the daily report and the rapid generation of a weekly report

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The company asks to write a weekly report: every weekend, when other people are scratching their heads and reminiscing about what they did this week, I just open my daily excel file, summarize it a little and finish it. There are also children’s shoes that use some cloud notes to record daily newspapers. I will share my daily daily format below.

The project requires to write a daily newspaper. For some important and large projects. the project manager will ask everyone to write a daily newspaper. Although the projects I am participating in do not require a daily. Newspaper for the time being, I still highly recommend everyone to write a daily newspaper.

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