Consider just how many and how often Accounting Directors Email Lists people use the website. Facebook ads should become an attractive proposition for many businesses.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

The online social networking service,

Facebook, has undeniably taken the world by storm. 1.44 billion users are active every month, checking their news feeds multiple times per day—14 times according to an IDF study. Adverts on Facebook have increased visibility.

There are a variety of options for Facebook adverts. From apps to original content, an advertisement can be made for both mobile and desktop browsing. Advertising Facebook posts, pages, events, and actions such as likes, can help your business become an authentic benefit to people’s lives, increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness.

On the other hand, reaching the perfect customer profile with product and service advertisements can ensure sales and a positive ROI. Facebook’s flexible advertisements let businesses decide what they want to achieve with their advertising spend.

Facebook Ads Focus In

The sheer breadth of Facebook’s reach is not what businesses should focus on. Instead, attention should be directed towards the gargantuan amount of demographic data Facebook accumulates. From the information you enter in your profile to website visits to Likes, Facebook is constantly gathering demographic data.

Facebook is ahead of all of its competitors in terms of demographic data, and advertisers can take advantage of this data to create laser-targeted advertisements.

For example, a business that sells yoga clothing may have a particular demographic that makes the most purchases. In this case, we imagine that demographic to be a combination of the various settings Facebook offers: Location, Age, Language, Education, Generation, Interests, and Connections; or Vancouver, 25-55, English, University Graduate, Generation X, Yoga, and has a friend that likes your page.

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