To optimize the performance of a company, the work carried out by the person responsible for managing accounts and establishing relationships with clients is essential: we are talking about the Account Manager, also known as an Account Executive. In the following article, you will learn what an Account Manager is, what tasks they must carry out and what skills they must have to strengthen the sales area of ​​your brand. Introduction Nowadays, the way of consumption has completely changed due to the digital transformation . Consumers have an infinite capacity to access information and competition in the market has increased.

The way customers access products and services has become broader and more diverse. It is at this point where, fortunately, smaller businesses can make a difference if they. Moreover, Have a good team of professionals. Regardless of the size of the company, if an account manager does their job well, they can achieve significant growth for the brand. “The way customers access products and services has become broader. And more diverse.” find out below Venezuela phone number are the areas of competence, responsibilities and skills that an account. Executive must have. What is an account manager an account manager or account executive is a professional who is. Responsible for managing the most important accounts of a company.

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At the same time, it has the function of taking care of the relations between the company and the clients: it is the one that has direct contact with them and the one that must guarantee that they are satisfied with what the company offers them. Moreover, It depends on the Account Manager that consumers are satisfied with the attention, the product or service, and that they continue to be part of the client portfolio. The Account Executive has the challenge of making the user experience truly positive, to increase trust and loyalty towards the brand. Responsibilities Account managers must foster good relationships with clients. For this, there are some actions that need to be carried out. Below, learn what responsibilities an Account Manager is in charge of.

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Being the link between the client and the different departments of the company. He the transmitter of information and the one who guarantees that everything is out in an accurate and timely manner. Inform customers of other services and actions. Its function is to offer new alternatives for the needs of consumers. Monitor the client’s budget. This involves explaining the costs in detail and negotiating new terms if necessary. Stay updated on changes, trends and actions of the competition. Train junior employees on how to provide good account service. skills To meet all the responsibilities mentioned, it is necessary to have a series of skills and competencies. Moreover, If you are an Account Executive, you must have the following capabilities: Work with multiple tasks. Attend to the details. Show empathy and emotional intelligence.

Promote Collaboration Venezuela Phone Number Between Various

Listen carefully. Prepare to negotiate. Solve problems. Think strategically. Other characteristics that are fundamental to being a good account manager, as this figure is also known, are the following: Promote collaboration between various sectors of the company . Key accounts typically consume a significant variety of products and services. If the manager takes this into account, he can work together with various areas to improve offers and adapt them to his requirements. Have verbal communication and writing skills .  Moreover, An Account Executive must send messages, texts and emails to their clients. It is essential that you have good writing and that you can convey your ideas clearly, both in a face-to-face and virtual meeting. The Account Executive is in charge of taking care of the relations between the company and the clients. Relations.

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