Everything will depend on your needs Hong Kong phone number knowledge. But today. Because time is money. Saas platforms are the winners. E-commerce platform vs. Marketplace currently. One of the big mistakes is to believe that a marketplace is the same as an electronic commerce platform. If you do not have the necessary programming knowledge. This option is the best for you. Hong Kong phone number If you decide to use an open source tool. You can save money as there are one-time or free options. Woocommerce wordpress plugin is the most recognized and one of the most trusted of its kind. With this type of platform you will have complete control over the design. Extensions. Add-ons and customization of payment screens and shipping methods. In this ‘battle’ there is no absolute winner.

Although At first The visibility against the competition can be a disadvantage. The design. Earnings. Payment and shipping methods are entirely the responsibility of the owner. When we talk about a marketplace we refer to a tool that works as an intermediary between the client and the buyer. Here. Different sellers offer products at similar prices (paying a commission for each sale). Giving a broader picture to the Hong Kong phone number consumer. But facing very high competition. The clearest examples of marketplaces are amazon and mercado libre. For its part. An electronic commerce platform will always belong to the entrepreneur since it is hosted on its own domain.

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Where you must send prices. Photos and descriptions to each of the interested parties. Benefits of having an e-commerce platform e-commerce has become a great way to consolidate a brand and present it in a unique and professional way to consumers. Large businesses already sell online. But 99% of smes are not. Since they do not have the tools to do so. Let’s go with an example. In latin america. Tiendanube has digitized Hong Kong phone number than 90.000 entrepreneurs. Helping them sell online easily and safely with its e-commerce platform. Person viewing a virtual store on their cell phone that said. If you are not sure about the benefits of having an online store. Here are its main benefits: communication with your customers. Unlike what you can do on social networks.

Hong kong phone number
Hong kong phone number

With an e-commerce platform you will have all the information ready to be shared with your client just by sharing a link . Inventory control. Hong Kong phone number The ease of managing inventories is one of the main benefits of electronic commerce. Sales are automatically recorded and stocks are automatically adjusted. Goodbye headaches! Costs reduction. Having an e-commerce is much cheaper than a physical store. By not having high fixed expenses. Such as paying rent or services. Growth can be much faster. Greater range By always Hong Kong  phone number making your products visible. You can sell them at any time and city in the country. Here. Your only concern should be which areas you cannot ship your product to. How to choose the best e-commerce platform for your business? If you have reached this point.

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You will surely wonder how to choose an e-commerce platform for your online business and not die trying. To make your life easier. We have prepared a small checklist that you should consider before making your investment. 1. Prices the monthly Hong Kong phone number fee is the first thing you should consider. Take out your calculator. Analyze your budget and compare the plans of the different platforms. If you are just starting out. We recommend you choose an accessible package .such as the initial tiendanube plan.. And gradually scale up. 2. Features that the user will enjoy the customer should receive a simple and attractive shopping experience. Hong Kong phone number If the design is nice.


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