earn in the following article how to take advantage of Facebook Marketplace to attract customers and increase the sales of your company or business. Most importantly, The digital transformation that has been happening in the world for years —especially from a decade ago until now— has completely changed people’s purchasing habits. Moreover, Social networks, which initially fulfilled the objective of connecting and entertaining, have become powerful sales and advertising platforms with a multiplicity of functions at the service of companies. Over time, Facebook has been able to innovate, retain and increase its number of users thanks to the infinity of tools it offers; among them, Facebook Marketplace.

Today, this service is an incredibly profitable channel for both large and small companies and entrepreneurs. Moreover, In this article, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Facebook Marketplace to attract consumers and increase your sales. Most importantly, Why Choose Facebook Marketplace? Marketplace is an integrated service Cambodia phone number Facebook that allows users and companies to publish an inventory of products for free to offer on the social network. It is available for both mobile and desktop versions. The main reasons why we consider Facebook Marketplace to be a good choice for both companies and entrepreneurs are the following: Post time.

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The lifecycle of Marketplace posts is considerably long unlike a regular Facebook wall post. Geographic location. Marketplace organizes products by geographical area, which increases the potential arrival. Allows users to define the radius chosen to distribute or discover new products.  Most importantly, SEO. The better optimized the posts are, the more likely it is that users will find your product easily. Interaction with users. Marketplace offers private chat so buyers and sellers can talk easily and personally. Automated features. It has automated messages that allow you to communicate with the seller through a click.

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Facebook is the third most visited website in the world: only Google and YouTube surpass it. (Hoot Suite) Facebook Marketplace allows you to create paid ads that are displayed when people browse the platform. With promoted ads, you can help your business reach more people and get more visibility. These ads are displayed alongside other relevant Marketplace products and services. To get more information, users can click on a website, an application or the platform itself. Listings on Marketplace are labeled “advertising” and are displayed in the news feed. Most importantly, Like other promoted posts, they must comply with Facebook’s advertising policies.

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Tips to increase your sales on Facebook Marketplace Facebook Marketplace: Aspects to Consider Although any user can put items for sale on the Marketplace, companies can use this space for various uses: Show inventories of retail products, vehicles, home rentals, etc. Advertise items from your virtual store that are not necessarily on Facebook Marketplace. Most importantly, Set up a virtual store with the business page and sell as a business on Marketplace. Postings to Marketplace must comply with Facebook’s commerce policies, which outline what can and cannot sold; and with the community norms related to images and descriptions.


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